Elle Kostka

Hometown: Decatur, Georgia

Year: 1st Year

Major: Comparative Literature and German

dance experience

19 years sliding around her parent’s kitchen in fuzzy socks, 6 years in the Tap Dance company the Junior Rhythm Keepers, and 1 year in the Rugcutters Swing Dance company

favorite dances

The German Polka

more about me

Elle, as in Belle without the B, aspires to run away and be a Beachbum Lifeguard Writer somewhere on the equator where she can’t be personally attacked by cold weather. She would like everyone to know that her parents support this idea, as long as she earns her degree first. In the meantime, she celebrates her life as a full-time college student and part time lifeguard by wearing the most stylish Star Wars Socks and complaining about writing essays. She is honored to be a part of the Ballroom Performance group and looks forward to many more years of suggesting Journey music as accompaniment while everyone else groans.

elle pic 1.png
elle pic 2.png