Bob Schaaf

2016-2017 Secretary

1829 (1).jpeg

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Year: 2nd Year

Major: Law Student

Dance Experience

Ballroom Foundations I/II (Lead and Follow), Swung Performance Group, Intermediate Ballroom with Natalie at DanceFX, BYU Adult Ballroom Dance Camp, 2017 Atlanta Open Finalist, Pre-Champion Division.  

Favorite Dances

"Nightclub Two Step"

More About Me

Another Winter Olympics gone by. Bob glances stoically at the curling broom leaning in the corner. "Next time," he sighs. If his first year in law school as an aspiring curling superstar has taught him anything, it is that no matter how hard one pushes the envelope, it will always be stationary. After an intensive summer working in Superior Court, Bob is back, and you can call him "Bob the baeliff" or "Bob, the Cobb bailiff" if you prefer rhyme to alliteration. When not pretending he knows how to dance, Bob finds solace in studying, cleaning, and in Alexandria's sporadic bird puns (but toucan play at that game). He looks forward to years of dancing to come and to the day he can tell clients "it depends" for a living.